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Receive updates if you are infected with Conficker/Downup/Downadup

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If you cannot access your favorite antivirus/antispyware site you probably are infected with one of the variants of Conficker/Downup/Downadup virus.

Now, if you want to install antivirus software you need to access the internet which won’t work because the DNS requests are blocked by the virus.

One solution is to download the software and the updates on another computer and copy them to a pen drive and install it on the infected computer.
This is classic.

But, if you want be the hero of the day you can do like this:
– open Start->Run, enter cmd, hit Enter
– type nslookup themightysite, hit Enter
– type nslookup www.themightysite, hit Enter
– open c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts with your favorite text editor
– copy the IP and the hostname of the site at the end of the file, like this:

#localhost should be aeready there localhost antivirussite www.antivirussite

Repeat this steps for every site you cannot access, even for microsoft.com (’cause you can’t get MS updates if you are infected).


Later edit:
Visit this site to download the cleaning solution from Bitdefender: http://www.downadup.org/

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