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How to use both video cards you have, on board and PCIe video card

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This can be a bullshit. It might not work for you, but it worth to try this.

When you are in a hurry and you don’t have time, or simply you don’t want to buy a DVI-VGA adapter, just try to use the on board card. It could work.

Here is how.

Go to BIOS and try to enable the on board video card. Some motherboards can do this, some not. Try to allocate some memory to it.
Connect a second monitor or a video projector to it, just to be sure you get some image on it.
Reboot in windows and check what you can get.
Verify in Device Manager and if you have two video cards you are close to get some image on both displays.
I got both there but i got an “Error 10” regarding missing IRQ.
One of my colleagues suggested to set it as primary display in BIOS.
After it was set as primary it worked just fine.

The bad:
– the driver in use is the driver from the on board video card
– you cannot span the image over displays

Tested with an asrock motherboard (intel based video card) and a nvidia based video card.

Just try it and give me some feedback.

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