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Shell tools, today is sed’s day

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When you have to deal with shell scripting and task automation you need powerful tools.

I will post some basic usage examples to prove how useful sed can be when you have to modify a large number of files.

Here the simple one.
You have several files and you want a word replaced in all of them.

sed -i 's/apache2/httpd/g' files*.conf

This will modify the file matching the pattern files*.conf replacing “apache2” with “httpd”
Removing -i will print the result on the console.

Now, the really useful one, the one that will save you a lot of time.
The problem you have is: 100+ config files that needs to be modified by adding four lines in a special position in the files.

sed -i '/RewriteEngine/i \
\n<Location \/aaa>\n\tProxyPass ajp\:\/\/\:8019\/aaa\n\tProxyPassReverse ajp\:\/\/\:8019\/aaa\n\<\/Location\>\n' files*.conf

-i will modify the files by adding before “RewriteEngine" the text:

empty line
<tab>ProxyPass ajp://
<tab>ProxyPassReverse ajp://

Now think about adding these lines in every single file, one by one, from 1 to 100, each in an exact position, some of the configs having two or more sections to be added.

Piece of cake with sed.

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