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RewriteRules for special characters

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Let’s say you have to write RewriteRules for special characters (East Asian Languages in this example, but, it should work for any other).

Link that you want to work: http://domain.tls/리눅스
Destination http://domain.tld/linux

First you must convert/encode (I used http://people.w3.org/rishida/scripts/uniview/conversion.php)
리눅스 is converted to %EB%A6%AC%EB%88%85%EC%8A%A4
You can get this from your access.log file of your server if you access it.
Now, you have to escape the % to match the regexp. Replace % with \x:

RewriteEngine On #add it in case it was not added above
ewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} domain.tld
RewriteRule ^/\xEB\xA6\xAC\xEB\x88\x85\xEC\x8A\xA4$ http://http://domain.tld/linux

Restart or reload.
mod_rewrite should be loaded.
Debug: read /var/log/httpd/error.log and access.log (or corresponding error/access log file for the vhost you want the rule to be added.

Adobe Reader 9 – make it incredible faster

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I don’t own a new computer so I have to use an old tecra A3 with an old HDD but a very good screen 15″ with a huge resolution: 1400×1050.

Because the hard drive is so slow Adobe Reader 9 starts in several seconds after I double click the pdf file.
So, if you have to read docs this a little bit annoying to have to wait a lot just to start Adobe.
After Reader is loaded the pdf file is loaded quite faster…

So I have googled a bit and I have found a few software apps to speed up adobe reader at start up.
But. Why to install another piece of software when you can do it yourself?!?

Here is how if you only want to read docs, no search, no other stuff:

Go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\ and create a directory “old” or “backup”.
Move the following directories in it: plug_ins, plug_ins3d and SPPlugins.

Start Adobe Reader. How is it? Mine it starts in lass than a second.

Here is how if you want to read docs and you want “Comment and markup” toolbar to be available:
Move all plugin dirs as you read before, but, keep in the plug_ins dir the following files:

Start Adobe Reader, read your books, educate yourself.

HTH and enjoy.

Later edit:
You can use PDF-XChange Viewer to view, markup text or add comments to your pdf files.

How to use both video cards you have, on board and PCIe video card

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This can be a bullshit. It might not work for you, but it worth to try this.

When you are in a hurry and you don’t have time, or simply you don’t want to buy a DVI-VGA adapter, just try to use the on board card. It could work.

Here is how.

Go to BIOS and try to enable the on board video card. Some motherboards can do this, some not. Try to allocate some memory to it.
Connect a second monitor or a video projector to it, just to be sure you get some image on it.
Reboot in windows and check what you can get.
Verify in Device Manager and if you have two video cards you are close to get some image on both displays.
I got both there but i got an “Error 10” regarding missing IRQ.
One of my colleagues suggested to set it as primary display in BIOS.
After it was set as primary it worked just fine.

The bad:
– the driver in use is the driver from the on board video card
– you cannot span the image over displays

Tested with an asrock motherboard (intel based video card) and a nvidia based video card.

Just try it and give me some feedback.

BIOS update failed?

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Disclaimer: this information is only for advanced users. I cannot be made resposible for any damage may result by using information from this post. Read your manual and the producer’s website before doing anything.

Sometimes, you have to (and I don’t know why) do a BIOS update. The reason could be one of the following: MB problems, new feaures added, you are just bore.

You have downloaded (and you are sure about this) the proper BIOS version (the last stable version) for you MB. But, after reboot the computer doesn’t want to start.

Now, there are four possibilities to recover:

  • Do a short clear CMOS as described in the MB’s manual;
  • Do a long clear CMOS (I read that it might help), I not so sure about this, but, anyway: unplug the power, remove all unneeded hardware (video card, HDD, FDD, etc) put the jumper in the clear CMOS position, remove the battery and wait at least 12 hours;
  • Remove unneeded hardware, replace RAM with the newest you have (533MHz with 667MHz, e.g.), this tend to be so common;
  • Buy another one, because the new MB have the BISO chip soldered and it cannot be removed to be rewriten.

You are lucky if you MB give sound alerts or it has LEDs. Try to interpret this information using the Troubleshooting section in your manual.

As a backup measure you verify if your MB have dual BIOS or quad BIOS feature enabled (as gigabyte have), or something similar.

Good luck, you need it.

Receive updates if you are infected with Conficker/Downup/Downadup

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If you cannot access your favorite antivirus/antispyware site you probably are infected with one of the variants of Conficker/Downup/Downadup virus.

Now, if you want to install antivirus software you need to access the internet which won’t work because the DNS requests are blocked by the virus.

One solution is to download the software and the updates on another computer and copy them to a pen drive and install it on the infected computer.
This is classic.

But, if you want be the hero of the day you can do like this:
– open Start->Run, enter cmd, hit Enter
– type nslookup themightysite, hit Enter
– type nslookup www.themightysite, hit Enter
– open c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts with your favorite text editor
– copy the IP and the hostname of the site at the end of the file, like this:

#localhost should be aeready there localhost antivirussite www.antivirussite

Repeat this steps for every site you cannot access, even for microsoft.com (’cause you can’t get MS updates if you are infected).


Later edit:
Visit this site to download the cleaning solution from Bitdefender: http://www.downadup.org/