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Customer satisfaction

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Feedback is very important to me. I do want my clients to understand that I work with them for them.

[10/28/2009 2:13:31 PM] Wxxxxx Hxxxxxx: I admire your will power.
[10/28/2009 2:25:25 PM] Wxxxxx Hxxxxxx: I understand.  You’re the sort of person whom I really admire – people who can do things with their hands.

[10/27/2010 11:12:05 AM] Txxxxx Fxxxx: from a certain “distance” the time working with you was really cool
[10/27/2010 11:12:39 AM] Txxxxx Fxxxx: and I remember you as one of the most .. let’s say friendly/happy guys there

Two different guys almost the same time.
These words made me so happy and fulfilled. You can’t buy this…


Added in 28-07-2012:

[26/06/2012 06:57 PM] Txxxxx Jxxx: Paul, thank you very much for your very good work and commitment! I’m very glad to work with you and i think we are now a really good team 🙂

[26/06/2012 06:59 PM] Txxxxx Jxxx: first to you because this is personal important for me and i would say this because you are working good so…

[26/06/2012 07:02 PM] Txxxxx Jxxx: but i’ll send this also to your bosses


Added in 09-11-2012:

Hi Paul,

for around one year you’re working very hard for the Data Center Move Project and you have done your job with great success and gorgeous effort. As you said in the past, for you it’s important to be useful.
I can say now, that you were very important AND useful for me within this project. Congratulations and thank you very much.