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Adobe Reader 9 – make it incredible faster

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I don’t own a new computer so I have to use an old tecra A3 with an old HDD but a very good screen 15″ with a huge resolution: 1400×1050.

Because the hard drive is so slow Adobe Reader 9 starts in several seconds after I double click the pdf file.
So, if you have to read docs this a little bit annoying to have to wait a lot just to start Adobe.
After Reader is loaded the pdf file is loaded quite faster…

So I have googled a bit and I have found a few software apps to speed up adobe reader at start up.
But. Why to install another piece of software when you can do it yourself?!?

Here is how if you only want to read docs, no search, no other stuff:

Go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\ and create a directory “old” or “backup”.
Move the following directories in it: plug_ins, plug_ins3d and SPPlugins.

Start Adobe Reader. How is it? Mine it starts in lass than a second.

Here is how if you want to read docs and you want “Comment and markup” toolbar to be available:
Move all plugin dirs as you read before, but, keep in the plug_ins dir the following files:

Start Adobe Reader, read your books, educate yourself.

HTH and enjoy.

Later edit:
You can use PDF-XChange Viewer to view, markup text or add comments to your pdf files.

Why Adobe Online Store sucks

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Because you cannot buy from their store if you are from Romania.

After three attempts to pay with a Visa credit card I have called support to ask why my orders are rejected. The response was: you have to ask at a local reseller, you cannot buy from online store.

My question is: Why is still possible to select Romania when you want to place an order?

Anyway it sucks… it’s easier to download a crack than buy an adobe license. It’s easier to be illegal than legal, that’s why crack sites still exists.