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Fix slow keyboard on Dell Inspiron 1501

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One of my colleague asked me to take a look at her laptop and check why the characters appear so slow sometimes.
At that moment I thought it’s a software issue. After several checks we reinstalled the XP but the problem persisted. So, we sent the notebook to the service.
After one month, we received it untouched with the following resolution: please reinstall the OS :).
Ok then…

So I started to investigate by killing unneeded processes.
I have started with ati2evxx.exe.
I was lucky, after two days of tests it seems that this was the problem.
The exe is started by a service named ati hotkey poller (I can’t remember exactly right now).
This process is installed together with the Ati driver (catalyst).
I have changed the service settings to not start at boot time (it cannot be stopped) and rebooted.

The problem was resolved.

On another dell inspiron 1501, but with newer drivers, in the control center the hot key service is disabled by default. In the version from the CD with the drivers, the hot key service is enabled by default.

Update 1: Show me your happy face! if this works for you, you saved at least 500 euro…
Leave a comment if this fixed your laptop.

Update 2:

Edwin suggested below that the cause of this lag is because your batter is too old and you should replace it.
To test it, remove the battery and start your Dell.

If the battery replacement fixed the problem please leave a comment.