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BIOS update failed?

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Disclaimer: this information is only for advanced users. I cannot be made resposible for any damage may result by using information from this post. Read your manual and the producer’s website before doing anything.

Sometimes, you have to (and I don’t know why) do a BIOS update. The reason could be one of the following: MB problems, new feaures added, you are just bore.

You have downloaded (and you are sure about this) the proper BIOS version (the last stable version) for you MB. But, after reboot the computer doesn’t want to start.

Now, there are four possibilities to recover:

  • Do a short clear CMOS as described in the MB’s manual;
  • Do a long clear CMOS (I read that it might help), I not so sure about this, but, anyway: unplug the power, remove all unneeded hardware (video card, HDD, FDD, etc) put the jumper in the clear CMOS position, remove the battery and wait at least 12 hours;
  • Remove unneeded hardware, replace RAM with the newest you have (533MHz with 667MHz, e.g.), this tend to be so common;
  • Buy another one, because the new MB have the BISO chip soldered and it cannot be removed to be rewriten.

You are lucky if you MB give sound alerts or it has LEDs. Try to interpret this information using the Troubleshooting section in your manual.

As a backup measure you verify if your MB have dual BIOS or quad BIOS feature enabled (as gigabyte have), or something similar.

Good luck, you need it.

How to increase your download speed in Vista

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First of all, do a backup. I mean it.
Some changes can ruin your week-end, evening party, social life, etc.

After reading a few hours, having some discussions with my girlfriend about not doing the dishes and the clothes, mister google came with the solution below.

First, I have patched tcpip.sys using a bat downloaded from softpedia. That was really wrong, causing a nice BSOD.
Luckily, it made a backup of the file so I could restore it with ease.

After a few minutes I have read from this site about this command:
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=highlyrestricted

To be sure I have changed the settings to “Disable Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level on TCP/IP“:
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disable

I got my speed doubled with this.

I’m too bored today to copy/paste the explanation from these pages.
So, please read the above link and do backups before applying any patches.

I forgot to mention that I have installed Vista Enterprise on the notebook.

best song this month

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angel – morandi

useless howtos….

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no posts for a long time… i’m too fscking busy, no TTL…
but because i’mto bored, here are some useful info on how to:

Add extra disks space in freebsd 🙂

buy another pair of 500gb disks
stick them into your server
build a hardware raid1
boot freebsd
mount /dev/ar1s1d on /files/hdd2
edit /etc/fstab
happy users…

Add extra disks space in freebsd (how a bored admin will do it):

buy two big disks for raid1 mirroring
stick them into the fscking old server
boot freebsd
read all article at the following link
read it again (allways helps)
# gmirror list|less
Geom name: gm0
Components: 2
Balance: round-robin
Slice: 4096
Flags: NONE
GenID: 0
SyncID: 1
ID: 1247150714
1. Name: mirror/gm0
Mediasize: 250059349504 (233G)
Sectorsize: 512
Mode: r1w1e2
1. Name: ad2
Mediasize: 250059350016 (233G)
Sectorsize: 512
Mode: r1w1e1
Priority: 0
Flags: NONE
GenID: 0
SyncID: 1
ID: 376482481
2. Name: ad3
Mediasize: 250059350016 (233G)
Sectorsize: 512
Mode: r1w1e1
Priority: 0
Flags: NONE
GenID: 0
SyncID: 1
ID: 985518569

users will never thank you