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trac: already updated: Error binding parameter 3 – probably unsupported type

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I’m sick today, but, here is a short one.

If the user cannot log in into trac after a self password reset and you receive this message:

user.name already updated: Error binding parameter 3 - probably unsupported type.

all you need is to delete the cached users session in the sqlite database.

First make a backup:  cp trac.db trac.db-backup
Now you have to find the sessions stored in the database:
sqlite2 trac.db
select * from session_attribute;

Find the user with the problems and delete his data:
DELETE FROM session_attribute WHERE sid = "user.name";

Now test.
Please do backup the database first.

Fix 0x800CCCDD Outlook 2007 and gmail account

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I had to configure a gmail imap account for a friend on Outlook 2007.
Using settings from google’s page for Outlook configuration did not work for me.
I was getting “Error message-IMAP server closed connection Error Code: 0x800CCCDD”. I have tried almost anything, the connection to the imap server didn’t worked.

I have used thunderbird to test and it worked from the first attempt.

After a while I have noticed that the image with the account details has the password entered and the “Remember password” option checked.
So, I have filled the password field, checked to remember the password and , IT WORKED.


Later edit:

If your gmail is suddenly not working, it might happen for google to be down. Please check google apps status here. Thank you for your visit.

Stop c00000218 {Registry file failure} The registry cannot load the hive (file): \system root\system32\config\software or its log or alternate

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On one day, suddenly, one of the XP computers didn’t wanted to start and entered in reboot loop.
After disabling the automatic reboot if an error occurs (press F8 after BIOS POST) we got the Stop c00000218 {Registry file failure} error for software registry file.

After running twice the chkdsk to fix errors on C partition, we still receive the error and the computer doesn’t want to start.
Manually verifying the software file showed us that the file is corrupt and the chkdsk didn’t helped much in fixing the problem. The file is located in an area containing bad sectors undetected by the chkdsk.

Before reinstalling Windows XP, I had an idea: Why not use registry backups from “System Restore” snapshots if any?
I saw many guys disabling System restore because it consumes lots of space on C drive.
This one, (still) has the System restore enabled and I could copy software from the previous day in C:\Windows\system32\config\ and boot successfully.

Another happy user :).

Error while uninstalling Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate RC

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I’m back with another strange error probably caused by an interrupted installation of Microsoft Visio 2010.

So, while uninstalling Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate RC on Windows 7 Enterprise the following error appears:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate RC Setup
Error 1402.Could not open key: UNKNOWN\Components\72CC1F6E4CA6F4A4F8B68FD11DB44E14\4848F1E21D219AC3A8BD8C2FAA4300B4. Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel.

By error number looks like a registry permission error, investigation at Microsoft didn’t helped me much.
Repair/reinstall failed, so, don’t bother.

After reading a few pages I end up restoring permissions on registry keys using the methods from this page.

After changing permissions for these keys:

I have changed the permissions for the whole Components subtree.

Uninstall was easy, only after.

Trac detected an internal error: AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘replace’

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I was trying to fix the error from the title for a few months now.

It was about using tracdownloader plugin from: http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/TracDownloaderPlugin

I have applied the patch it worked, but it stopped.
I have tried almost everything, like other linux distro or python2.5 or python2.6.

My mistake was in trac.db, the default sqlite database of trac.

When I finally decided to manually import the tables from the old database into a new one: downloader_category, downloader_downloaded, downloader_downloaded, downloader_release.
When I had to import downloader_release tables rows I have noticed that the last one from the dump is:

INSERT INTO downloader_file VALUES(19,7,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,1261067753.63897,NULL);

I have no ideea how that row was added there, but, after removing that one from the original database tracdownloader start to work again.

So, next time you encounter this error verify you code to be correct, and after that, the database.