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Windows XP, suddenly “USB device not recognized” message

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USB stopped working, suddenly! F#uck! Nothing on USB is working, but it did! WTF can you do?

On MS support the KB articles are not offering a straight to the point solution for this.

So, I have searched the internet and after a few searches I have found this article (Google PR 3 page):


The answer is:

UNPLUG YOUR COMPUTER FROM THE POWER SUPPLY!!! and wait a few minutes to have all residual power consumed.

So, I did it.

And, it worked.

I had a 3 m USB cable extension for a USB WIFI adapter and, after removing it, is all good. It works!!!

Later edit:

This is a bit extreme, it still works if you shutdown the computer, unplug the power cord, push the buttons of the computer a few times, plug-in USB devices and wait for a minute or so.

One cause of this may be the grounding of the appliances, high density of wireless devices, unshielded USB cable, or, a combination of these.

XP Error Code : 0x80090006

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Suddenly this error appeared: “A problem is preventing Window from accurately checking the license for this computer. Error Code : 0x80090006”.

I have no idea why.

According to others what you can do one the followin:

  • Log into safe mode and re-register a couple of dlls:
    regsvr32 regwizc.dll
    regsvr32 licdll.dll
  • Fix C drive association by using regedit32:
    See KB914232
  • Reinstall or repair.

For only the third worked.

You can backup files by using Safe mode.

Remember,  backup your data often.

Later edit:

You should verify your XP license or for viruses/rootkits or, more general, malware.
You can see here how much increased the number of searches for 0x80090006 in February: Link to google insight.

Why Adobe Online Store sucks

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Because you cannot buy from their store if you are from Romania.

After three attempts to pay with a Visa credit card I have called support to ask why my orders are rejected. The response was: you have to ask at a local reseller, you cannot buy from online store.

My question is: Why is still possible to select Romania when you want to place an order?

Anyway it sucks… it’s easier to download a crack than buy an adobe license. It’s easier to be illegal than legal, that’s why crack sites still exists.

MS Project Server Web Access – ActiveX registration error fix

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No fix for this error? Read below, it might help.

The controls for Microsoft Project Web Access could not be downloaded correctly.
Please check your security settings in Internet Explorer or contact your system administrator.

I got this error two times: last year and I have fixed by using another account from the same machine, but this time I could not use another account… unfortunately.
After googling some time and trying this methods:

– Method 1: Configure Internet Explorer to permit the downloading of ActiveX controls.
– Method 2: Log on to your computer as Administrator, and then start Project Web Access to download the ActiveX controls.
– Method 3: Manually register the ActiveX controls.
source: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/818046

But, it did not work.

Nothing worked to force the IE6 to accept the cabs. After some time, I have noticed a tooltip when you move the mouse pointer over the message that appears. The tooltip said something about revocation server offline.

I went back to google but nothing useful. So, I had a last look into IE6 settings and I have found this:

Check for server certificate revocation

After checking that option and restarting the IE everything went as expected.

Here is what worked for me: