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Windows XP, suddenly “USB device not recognized” message

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USB stopped working, suddenly! F#uck! Nothing on USB is working, but it did! WTF can you do?

On MS support the KB articles are not offering a straight to the point solution for this.

So, I have searched the internet and after a few searches I have found this article (Google PR 3 page):


The answer is:

UNPLUG YOUR COMPUTER FROM THE POWER SUPPLY!!! and wait a few minutes to have all residual power consumed.

So, I did it.

And, it worked.

I had a 3 m USB cable extension for a USB WIFI adapter and, after removing it, is all good. It works!!!

Later edit:

This is a bit extreme, it still works if you shutdown the computer, unplug the power cord, push the buttons of the computer a few times, plug-in USB devices and wait for a minute or so.

One cause of this may be the grounding of the appliances, high density of wireless devices, unshielded USB cable, or, a combination of these.

Myria D15NG-A3 Windows XP Drivers

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I searched all over the internet (actually a few hours) for these drivers to use them when installing Windows XP on Myria D15NG-A3.

If you ever need them here there are:

ricoh R5C592

Just say thanks if this helped you 🙂

Note: the files were scanned for viruses and the post time were clean. The files are presented as they were downloaded from the producer’s page.