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My name: Paul Jurco
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Experience: 6 years as system administrator, 3 of them as part of the management (IT Manager)
Current status: Employed
Current job: System Administrator
Past jobs: System Administrator and IT Manager
Foreign languages: Good English verbal\writing skills

A short less technical summary

I have been involved for a few years in all IT aspects of software development company. These years taught me hard lessons.

Currently, I work with servers, moving web applications from a provider to another; or, as part of a support team, where we solve people’s problems with computers.


Here is what I did. My experience.


Cisco, Sonicwall, Allied Telesis, Asus switches and routers administration;
OS administration: Linux (flavors: OpenSUSE, RedHat, Centos, Slackware), UNIX (FreeBSD), Windows 2003 Server, XP, Vista;
TCP/IP based LAN/WAN networks physical and logical topology design, equipment selection;
Network infrastructure monitoring (SNMP, MRTG, nagios, zenoss);
IPSec VPN-channels planning, installation and support for Cisco, Sonicwall, OpenSwan and OpenVPN
Relevant programming skills: bash (medium), perl (beginner intermediate), ANSI C (medium)

Short resume


2001: Graduation, Mechanical Engineer, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca;
2001-2005: PhD Student at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca;
2000: Started to play with Slackware Linux, Corel Linux and RedHat 6.2.;
2005 Aug-Sept: two months of researches sponsored by “Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation” at Institute of Metal Forming Technology (IFU) – University of Stuttgart, Germany;
2008 Feb-Sept: CCNA courses in Cluj-Napoca;
2008 Nov: PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca;
2009 Oct: MCP: MSCTS 070-620, Configuring Microsoft Windows Vista Client;


2003-2005: web hosting for students on FreeBSD using ipfw, mysql, apache, php
2003-2005: proxy/cache with squid on FreeBSD for two dorm rooms, 240 rooms each
2004-2005: mail relay/filter server (supermicro) for antispam, antivirus filtering using on FreeBSD using: postfix, amavisd-new, clamav and spamassassin
2005 Dec: Deploy Lotus Domino 6.5 on linux, setup started with 10 Lotus Notes clients now more than 20 (still running, AFAIK)

2006: Mail server on CentOS, using sendmail, mimedefang, clamav and spamassassin.
2006: Design network infrastructure for second office, add VPN using openswan on slackware.
2006: Deploy and maintain six linux servers for web applications and Oracle XE on OpenSUSE.
2006: Deploy and administer Sharepoint 2003 and Project Server 2003 using local Domain Controller.
2006: Deploy Active Directory on Windows 2003 Server

2007: ftp server on FreeBSD using pure-ftpd
2007: Design network for the third building, 120 network plugs, install third CISCO router.
2007: file server: 3TB of data using FreeBSD
2007: Deploy two CISCO 1811 for VPN tunnel, VPN clients having DMZ, Zone-Based Policy Firewall, QoS, NBAR filtering
2007: Configure 20 servers using SUSE Linux for a client.
2007: Deploy Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)
2007: twiki, trac and svn server using OpenSUSE

2008: Prepare for IT Security audit, External Security Audit passed
2008: Move Sharepoint to a new server, migrate content

2009: Deploy high availability system and load balancer using heartbeat and apache, NFS over drbd for failover.
2009: nagios for monitoring
2009: VMWare server administration, administration of  large number of virtual machines
2009: System administering for high traffic servers

2010: Finish MS Gold Certified Partner enrollment
2010: Opentext Liveserver 9 / Delivery Server 10 on SLES9 and RHEL5 administration, deploys
2010: Moving small hosting company websites from bare metal to virtual machines (from debian to centos)

2011: Varnish setup for several clients
2011: started a big move of more than 150 websites served from 6 server from a big ISP to another one, this will continue in 2012

2012: finished moving the services for that big company in September, job done. It worked from the first day. See the customer satisfaction post here.

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